Saturday, February 21, 2009

Me, Christmas morning in my fav. rocking chair from Grandma and Umpa (Grandpa).

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm back.
It's Christmas, officially my second one, but the first one is a little foggy and I didn't get the Porsche so I'm not counting it. So far so good, mom and dad are a little crazy. They are looking for a new place for us to live. Mommy keeps saying, "I just want to be closer to work so I can see Beaux more", then daddy says, "what Honey the vikings just scored so I wasn't listening". Daddy watches a lot of football these days but it's play-off time so it's cool. I have three of my own footballs and someday I'll make the guy in the picture look like low grade talent.
Daddy keeps talking about some old guy named Santa but I haven't met him yet. Daddy must really like Santa cuz he is trying to look like him now. He hasn't shaved and is trying to grow his belly bigger by eating all the time. Daddy made a bunch of cookies in the oven and then mommy put colorful stuff on them. I helped her but my nose was running a lot so I added a little of my own decorations.
Tonight Daddy is watching football again but it's not the Vikings so I'm not sure why he is watching. The team has really ugly yellow & green uniforms, the cheerleaders are all over 200lbs, and their fans are wearing blocks of cheese on their heads. I love cheese as much as the next guy but WOW that's goofy. The only people that strange are from Wisconsin but Daddy would never cheer for their team!
Go Vikings, and Merry Christmas all

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rice Is Nice

After three days of Mom and Dad trying to shove a spoon in my mouth I finally reolized that the white soupy stuff on it was food. Yes, I ate rice cereal and Dad is lucky I figured it out cuz one more day of him sticking that spoon in my mouth and I would have stuck it where the sun doesn't shine. It didn't taste so good but it'll work until I can get my hands on some ribs. On the bright side my daily deposits will now have some real attitude to them. I think Mom and Dad are hoping it will help me sleep though the night but have other plans.

No daycare today so I stayed home with Dad we always have a lot of fun. Dad downloaded a bunch of tunes last night so we were jammin today. My favorites are Bob Marley and Jack Johnson. Raffi isn't bad either, considering he's a Canadian. Dad is going to a football coaching clinic this weeked with Jackson's dad and he is all excited about it. It should be fun to spend some quality time with Mom. I'm working really hard on sitting by myself so hopefully soon I will get some sitting pixs taken for all my fans.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Me at 4 mths, laughing at mom